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Advisory Program for Our Upper School

Upper school students participate in a unique advisory program designed to support and guide them through their years at Harbor. Every upper school student has a faculty advocate and a group of four to six students with whom to connect. This small group dynamic allows for improved communication between Harbor and home through ongoing discussions between the advisor and parents. Advisors are aware

of their advisees’ academic, social, and emotional wellbeing at all times and serve as the “first line of communications” between Harbor and home. In grade six, students are assigned an advisor who will stay with them through the year. In grades seven and eight, students may choose from available advisors.

This opportunity for input into their own paths further empowers the students to grow as leaders of both their advisory groups and the school as a whole. Advisors meet with their advisees every morning before school and once a week during a weekly advisory period. The advisors come together at the beginning of the school year and plan lessons and activities based on the needs of the incoming group of students.

Subjects for study in advisory include mindfulness, character-building, leadership skills, educational skills, and respect for differences.