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Athletics Program in Saint James, New York

While our Signature Programs are academic in nature, Harbor students also enjoy an athletic program that is equal in balance to our academic offerings.

The goal of our physical education and athletics program is to focus on the process and teaching of sportsmanship, fair play, leadership, teamwork, strategies, problem solving, and developing an appreciation for lifelong physical fitness, nutrition, and health. Through a supportive and non-judgmental environment and teaching methodologies, students learn concepts that apply to the body and its relationship to space, movement, and effort. Students learn skills to improve performance, set personal goals, and participate in programs to achieve those goals. Harbor’s physical education teachers help students recognize the long-term effects of regular physical activity. Grades six through eight meet five days of the seven-day rotating schedule. During the sports season (soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter), P.E. time is used for sports practice. Harbor participates in the Long Island Independent School Athletic League, with games each week during the sports season. Game participation is mandatory for all upper school students. In between seasons and in the spring, teachers focus on foundational physical education skills. Each year culminates with upper school students helping to plan and run field day for the lower school.