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Upper School in Saint James, NY



Academic rigor, intellectual engagement, character development, and the ability to work with others are core values in Harbor Country Day School’s upper school. We know that every child has a unique learning style and the relationships that develop between each child and his or her teacher are critical in inspiring students to become independent, self-aware, and joyful members of our school community. We believe that every interaction between teachers and students contributes to creating a school environment in which students can feel comfortable taking risks, asking questions, and challenging themselves to go further than they ever thought possible.

Upper school courses build foundational skills as well as foster curiosity through inquiry-based learning and STEAM-based projects. In the upper school, we strive to create an environment that is engaging, challenging, and enriching, while providing the support needed whenever necessary. We offer math and writing labs daily through our exploratory program. Our social and emotional learning goals are interwoven throughout the culture of the school, most significantly through our advisory program. In challenging students to reach beyond their expectations, we encourage them to stretch themselves and achieve as excellent writers, readers, mathematicians, athletes, artists, and musicians. The goal of the middle school program is to instill confidence and prepare students for high school and beyond.

For more detailed explanations of our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade curricula, we invite you to review our Upper School Curriculum Guide below.