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Why Choose Harbor Country Day School?

Harbor has been a wonderful experience for my son.  The study habits, educational support, social group, culture of kindness, appreciation of the individual, that will all serve him... forever.  This is what I've wanted for my son, all along.

-Jody Burke, Former Harbor Parent

What Students Say About Harbor

What parents say about harbor


John with Daughter Rose

"Rose was enrolled in a public school kindergarten.  It wasn’t long before the teacher called us to say there wasn’t much public school could do for her because she was so advanced.  The best they could do was skip her two grades.  We didn’t want that because we wanted her with her peer group.  Social-emotional learning was as important to us as academics. 

The kindergarten teachers, and, most surprisingly, her classmates were patient, kind, and understanding as Rose acclimated to Harbor.  Everything that had been promised socially, academically, and emotionally, has been delivered through the years.  We see it in every way.  We are grateful she is with children her own age.  Rose continues to be challenged.  Her development as a writer, as an artist, and as a mathematician is everything we could have asked for.”  

Stephanie with Daughters
Cristina & Myla

"Harbor has been an amazing place for my two girls over the past eight years. It has given them an opportunity to grow, to find their voices, and to take their places in academia. I honestly feel that Harbor has taken the time to help both of my girls understand and discover who they are, and appreciate themselves in the process.

My girls have thrived over the past years.  At Harbor, I have watched them grow into beautiful young women, both inside and out, as they learn to navigate a larger world that may not be gentle and kind to them. I am happy to say we found a place that embraces all of their amazing attributes, a place that recognizes what makes them special and unique, as both an alum and a fifth grade student.”


Helena with Children
Lucas, Leila & Soroya

"Being at Harbor has been a partnership for our family.  Harbor is more than a school, Harbor is a parenting partner. We rely on communication with the teachers to help us constantly evolve our approach to helping our kids grow.  The partnership is what separates Harbor from public schools.

Soroya is more comfortable in her skin today than ever before.  My children have found their center, their true self here has had the ability to shine through.  Their true self is honored.  My children are truly developing a love of learning.  So, what that means for me is that they will be able to go on and love learning whatever it is and they will have the confidence to think they can go into any field and do anything in life.”