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What Our Faculty Says About Harbor

Krystina Gallo
Director of Early Childhood

Our preschoolers thrive on exploration, discovery, and socialization through play. As teachers, we find the greatest joy in creating for them a warm and nurturing environment, and guiding them as they grow.

Laura Huang-Ernst
Teacher of
Second Grade

Our students are respected for their interests and uniqueness and are encouraged to pursue their talents. Children's voices are heard at Harbor because of the trust that the faculty works to build and foster with each one of their students.


Kandra Kane
Teacher of
Fifth Grade

I needed a teacher who saw my potential when I didn't see it in myself. Harbor affords me the opportunity to be the teacher that I once needed.


Ralph Pepe
Upper School
History Teacher

The moments I value most are the connections with my students. It's a unique teaching experience to work with the same group for multiple years and watch them grow up. I love when alumni come back to visit and reminisce about the experiences they had at Harbor, and I become overwhelmed with pride for the person each one becomes.