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Summer camp programs, suffolk county, ny


At Camp Harbor each day is filled with a balance of fun and educational opportunities. The activities vary from year to year and each week has a unique theme, which includes academic enrichment activities, instructional and recreational swim, sports, arts & crafts, group challenges and contests, nature, and much more.

Manners, good sportsmanship, common courtesies, and fun are encouraged by the staff who lead each camp group. All campers are grouped according to the grade they will be entering the following September. Each group is headed by a State Certified Teacher.

Academic Enrichment

To keep our PreK through 1st Grade campers from falling behind over the summer, additional time is scheduled to work on fun age appropriate school related skills including shapes and colors, the alphabet, reading, writing, and math.

Arts & Crafts

In arts & crafts, groups have the opportunity to meet with our art teacher, who guides them through lessons in painting, sculpting, drawing, etching, and coloring.

Athletics Program

Athletics serve a crucial role in the education and development of every child. Camp Harbor's athletic program includes age-appropriate skills training in a non-competitive environment in many sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, and tennis. In addition, groups plan activities throughout the day to keep the campers active including capture-the-flag, kickball and basketball.

Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

The CIT Program is offered to campers entering grades 9 and 10 in September. It is an exciting option for teens interested in working as camp counselors in the years ahead. Campers in the CIT Program are required to enroll in Red Cross Babysitter, CPR, and First Aid workshops on site; there may be a materials charge for these CIT workshops.

When not in a workshop, CITs will assist the counselors in their assigned camp group. All participants of the CIT Program will meet daily with the CIT Coordinator to discuss their camp experiences and future strategies for working with children. In addition to the job specific training, CITs will also learn general job related skills. All second year CITs leave with a resume and a scheduled interview for next summer. Upon the program's conclusion, each CIT will have the opportunity to plan and run their very own activity for the camp!

In addition to the job training, CITs will be participating in weekly challenges and contests with their peers to sharpen team-building skills. Some of these challenges will take place during field trips off campus to various locations on the island.

Interested boys and girls should enjoy working with children, and be prepared to take responsibility for the campers in their care. CITs are under the direct supervision of the group teachers and activity instructors.

For more information about Harbor's CIT Program, please email or call Camp Harbor at (631) 584-5555.


Our Music Teacher encourages campers to dance, sing, and play simple instruments. Our camp music class is filled with new, fun music and old camp favorites that campers will recognize, and a few classics that may be new to their ears. The focus here is to learn basic musical foundations and history while having a great time doing it!


Our nature program makes science exciting by fanning the fire of curiosity and exploration in every child. Campers will get to learn about the world around them and get hands-on experience in many areas of science including marine biology, entomology, geology, and meteorology. Whether meeting a horseshoe crab brought in by our enthusiastic Nature Teacher or investigating the wildlife in our outdoor classroom or the school's pond, campers will love learning more than they ever thought possible!


Our pool staff is comprised of an Aquatics Director, and four Red Cross certified Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors. Full day campers enjoy two swim sessions each day, a morning instructional swim and an afternoon free swim. Swim levels are decided by swim assessments, and lessons include everything from blowing bubbles for preschoolers to the Butterfly in our advanced swim groups.


Off-campus trips for 6th through 8th graders are scheduled weekly. Destinations may include but are not limited to bowling, mini golf, the beach, and ice skating.

Workshop and Trailblazer summer school PROGRAMS

The Workshop Program is an exciting option for students interested in fine-tuning a particular skill or experimenting with a new one. Workshops vary from year to year, and may include such courses as robotics, painting, pottery, digital photography, website design, chess, drama, fun in the kitchen, language arts and math, to name just a few.

The core of the program was designed to keep the students' academic momentum going all summer long. The emphasis is always on making the learning experience enjoyable and exciting for students. Class size is small and limited according to the nature of the subject matter and workshops are taught by a highly qualified staff of dedicated teachers assembled to challenge and meet the needs of each student.

All workshops meet daily, Monday through Friday, for one hour. Some workshops require a two week commitment. Students may enroll in up to two workshops per week.

Workshops are optional and are available at an additional charge.

Academic Workshops

Academic workshops such as our kindergarten readiness, English language arts (ELA), and math workshops are specifically designed to work with students entering kindergarten through 6th grade. Summer is a great time to ensure success in the fall!

Athletic Workshops

Athletic workshops work in small groups and train campers on the fundamentals and keys to success. Camp Harbor coaches work to instill a spirit of teamwork while at the same time working on individual skills on the court or field.

Culinary Workshops

Culinary workshops give campers the chance to explore their cooking skills. While campers measure, add and multiply, cooking becomes an avenue to higher math scores as well as delicious treats.

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness is available to those campers enrolled in the kindergarten mini and full day, five day camp program during the last two weeks of summer camp. This is the only workshop available to this age group.

Music and Fine Art Workshops

Music and fine art workshops go beyond normal camp music and arts & crafts. In these workshops, campers expand their knowledge of music theory, instruments, pottery, woodworking, spray art, and painting.

Science and Technology Workshops

Science and technology workshops offer campers the opportunity to become more tech savvy and explore their curiosity about the modern world. Robotics gives campers the opportunity to build and program robots to follow simple commands and perform simple tasks. Our marine biology workshops allow the campers to learn about some of their favorite marine plants and animals. A favorite in recent years, SHARKS! culminates in the dissecting of an actual shark.