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Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Charting Our Course Together:

The $10 Million Campaign for Harbor Country Day School

Honoring our history and values, and drawing upon our unique and varied strengths, the board of trustees and school leadership have established five key goals to position Harbor Country Day to become a premier elementary, independent day school in the region. These goals are the blueprint for the growth of the school and serve as the foundation for the Campaign for Harbor Country Day School.

Goal #1:
Strengthen Our Financial Foundation

The success of the Campaign for Harbor Country Day School hinges upon our ability to maintain a solid, fiscally sound foundation from which we can grow.

Goal #2:
Support and Empower Faculty and Staff

When our faculty is of the highest caliber, we are better positioned to foster an innovative, 21st century educational program -- one that says Harbor is a top elementary school in the region.

Goal #3:
Foster an Innovative Educational Program

Harbor’s motto, “Sine labore nihil” (“Without work nothing”), serves as the backbone of our academic program and, in many ways, frames our goals for the future of Harbor.

Goal #4:
Modernize Our Campus and Physical Plant

As Harbor's academic program has expanded and enrollment has grown through the years, Harbor's physical plant and campus have not been updated accordingly and are in need of modernization.

Goal #5:
Enhance Internal and External Communications

As Harbor continues to grow and evolve, ongoing and open communication within the Harbor community is critical.


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