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With a deep commitment to academic excellence, personal integrity and making the world a better place, the school and its families are partners in helping students achieve their highest potential by maintaining an inspiring, supportive and inclusive community. 

Beyond our students, we are committed to developing strong relationships with students’ families, supporting our teachers’ professional development and creating an inspired learning environment.

Harbor graduates are:
  • Fearless learners, and reflective leaders who negotiate effectively
  • Prepared to exhibit compassion and tolerance in a global community, owing to a solid moral and ethical foundation
  • Culturally experienced and conversant in the humanities and the sciences
  • Prepared to achieve their dreams because they view themselves as works continually in progress

These are the aspirations we have for our students. They parallel the values and aspirations of the school's founders, and are reflected in the work and passion of our school leaders, faculty, and board of trustees. Our mission guides us in making decisions, and in setting the standards by which the curriculum is evaluated. Moreover, these principles provide the touchstone by which the need for change in the future can be assessed.


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