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After School Activities Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Club Brochure

Harbor Country Day School Robotics Team -- Grades 4-8
In partnership with Stony Brook University, Harbor Country Day School is proud to launch our FIRST Lego League of Long Island robotics team. Join us for 2018-2019’s theme, “INTO ORBIT”, where teams explore the challenges humans must overcome to travel in our solar system for long periods of time.

Robotics Jr. presented by “Let’s Build It” -- Grades 1-4
Enter the fascinating world of robotics in this engineering and design class! In this STEAM program, students will design, build, and test their own robots. Projects include remote control cars, claws, cranes, crawlers and battle bots. Educational components include gear ratios, mechanical design, electronics and robotic engineering.

Super Stars Tennis -- Grades PK-5
Super Stars Tennis not only will focus on the fundamental teaching of tennis, but also on building life skills, education, and good balanced exercise. During this six-week program, students are encouraged to gain self esteem and develop individual and team-building skills that will last a lifetime.

Stage Stars -- Grades K-8
During the one-hour class, students will learn theater terms, learn about performance etiquette and good stage voice, participate in interactive theater games, and act in a short skit. This is an opportunity for students to have fun, express themselves, and interact with others within the context of a theater game or skit.

Chess Scholars -- Grades K-8
Chess Scholars’ training program is based on a unique system with a gradual step-by-step increase in the difficulty of the material. Children quickly learn the rules of chess, enhance their understanding of the game and graduate to higher skill levels.

Slime Making Club -- Grades K-8
Slime is the new craze! During each club meeting, students will learn how to make a new type of slime. Along with having fun learning new ways to make slime, students will also learn about science and the reactions between the materials they will combine to create the slime.