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After School Activities fall 2019

Fall 2019 Club Brochure

Robotics Jr.: Chain Reaction: Ready, Set, Roll

See the laws of motion at work in this thrilling, hands-on course. Both new and returning participants are welcome. Students will construct machines, like the Heavyweight Hammer and the Spin-o-Matic, and then combine them to create exciting chain reactions! Each week, the chain reactions will become more complex with the introduction of new machines. The projects will afford students the opportunity to delve into concepts such as force, gravity, velocity, types of energy, and balance. At the end of the session, students will be challenged to create the Ultimate Chain Reaction by working cooperatively to see how many machines they can incorporate.

Robotics Team for Grades 4-8

In partnership with Stony Brook University, Harbor Country Day School is proud to bring back its FIRST Lego League of Long Island robotics team. Join us for 2019-2020‛s theme, “CITY SHAPER”, where teams develop, design, build and code Lego education mindstorm EV-3 robots to perform missions on a themed playing field. Students work together to create innovative solutions to real-world problems inspired by the theme.

Baking Coach Jr.

Preschool 3s and 4s come check out the Baking Club for Preschool. Our youngest chefs will learn how to make easy sweet and savory treats. Students will be introduced to the idea of measurement and the science of baking. Each student will receive a disposable apron and chef‛s hat to wear during the program. Please advise upon enrolling if your child has had any food restrictions.

Baking Coach

Here we go again! Come check out The Baking Coach, taking students further into culinary adventures. Build on your skills or join anew. During this workshop, you will learn how to make many sweet and savory treats. In addition to learning cooking and baking techniques, you will learn how math and science apply to baking. Each student will receive a disposable apron and chef‛s hat to wear during the program. Upon enrolling, please advise if your student has had any changes in food restrictions.


An educational program that combines experimental exploration of the body, mind, and self with the exercise practice of yoga to support and enhance the health, development, and learning of young children. Yoga education at this age helps children to be learning-ready, physically fit, aware of self and others, and to develop coordination and confidence.

Yoga Stars

Participants will learn yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises. These practices will help cultivate a calm mind, increase strength and flexibility, improve gross and fine motor skills, improve concentration, and help them understand how to identify and manage emotions and feelings. We will begin to work on “I feel”and “I am” statements and meditation practices to help build a calm and confident mind and body.

Construction Club

Students will learn about the structural design and the foundational materials used to provide support for bridges, towers, and tunnels. Students will create their own models using these understandings. Basic geometry will be taught to enhance the model's design and structure.


Learn to read music and play tunes! Brought to you by AES and The Music Path Company, this amazing program teaches young students the beginnings of music. Using specialized, proprietary MusicStart keyboards, students learn to play familiar tunes in a group setting by color, letter, and note matching while using problem-solving strategies - without sacrificing any important musical knowledge - we are not taking shortcuts to playing and reading music. Prepare your student to take any instrument by giving them a solid musical foundation with this exciting after school program!